Our Goals

Raymond Island koala and Wildlife Shelter has a short and long term vision planned to ensure that koalas are protected, cared for and given the respect they deserve, by pursuing the Koala Protection Act and having them listed under the EPBC Act.

This also includes ensuring the habitat is protected.

At present the koala habitat which includes Coastal Manna, Gippsland Red Gum, Forest Red Gum, River Red Gum, Coastal Grey Box and Southern Mahogany is not protected adequately due to bushfire legislation.

We are seeking an amendment to this legislation to conserve these trees  which forms the natural beauty of Raymond Island and ensure it remains the “sanctuary” it is for koalas and all wildlife and for future generations to enjoy. This is a major priority to ensure the future viability of Raymond Island koalas.

With the support of money donated by the public, we plan to build a treatment facility which will accommodate intensive care patients. From this facility we also wish to further current research and conduct Chlamydia vaccine trials led by the University of the Sunshine Coast Senior Research Fellow, Dr Adam Polkinghorne. These trials have begun in Queensland with positive results.

We also have plans to extend our facilities to the neighbouring property owned by Mr Ross Heath who has kindly donated the use of his property to us for future koala rehabilitation, research and educational tours.

This property is protected and is home to the River Red Gum and the critically endangered Gippsland Red Gum. There are approximately 15-20 koala residents living there at present.

Please help us by donating to help fund this critical work we need to do to ensure the future survival of Australia’s iconic animal “The Koala”.