Tim the Koala

I have just been released back to my home in Gravelly Point Road.

I spent 6 weeks in care after a tourist’s dog decided it wanted to play with me and hurt me quite badly.

Of course everyone knows that Koalas don’t like to play with dogs, in fact we really prefer to be well away from them and we often get very stressed when dogs are near us.

Anyway as a result of the attack, I received a permanent hole through my skull. I’m thankful that it has now covered over with skin. I also received a badly injured eye. All healed now.

I’m grateful to Grant Kuseff from Main Street Vet who treated me at the clinic. I had stitches to my head, wounds flushed and IV fluid administered. After being at the clinic for the day, my carer took me home to the comfort of the shelter. I certainly was well looked after and spoilt. Food was served twice daily, more than I could eat. It was just wonderful. My carer also had to administer antibiotics and pain relief for 14 days and a further 5 days of eye ointment.

I was a bit naughty at first and liked to fight with her but I soon calmed down and realised the needles weren’t too bad.

My carer Susie was great and over the hot days kept me cool with a fan, it certainly was 5 star accommodation and I don’t have private health cover either. Soon my carer told me; ”Tim it’s time to go home”, I was happy. But I thought to myself, “Gosh I’ve got to get my own food now and who’s going to scratch my back?”

I was released once the weather cooled down a little to give me a good chance to get back on my feet.

I’ve got yellow paint both sides of my lower back so people can recognise me in the trees.

If I’m unwell and you see me with a blood nose or sitting on the ground, please call my carer. I will most likely need her. However I’m fighting fit now and enjoying the smell of the trees and my mouth is watering thinking about all the yummy food over at Tom and Jane’s.

I will never be as I was before the attack, but I’m well enough for now to be out enjoying what I do best-eating and sleeping not to mention eyeing off the gorgeous girls. Thank you to my fellow friends for looking after me.