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An exciting day for Biscuit

2 May 2020


An exciting day releasing “Biscuit” into one of our new pre release pens. A special thank you to Fenceworx and Phil and Ella for building our new pre release enclosures at no cost and for the public donations to pay for the materials of the new infrastructure. Thank you also to my friend Barry for building the feed stations in each pen.

“Biscuit” was rescued from Raymond Island in November last year in very poor condition, suffering from malnutrition. Biscuit was evacuated in December due to the bushfires but returned to the Shelter in March. Since his return, he has gained another KG in weight. He now is almost ready for release. A few weeks of climbing in his pre release tree and he will be ready to tackle the huge mountain Manna Gum and where he will be soft released here at the Shelter. We are so blessed to have an abundance of un-burnt habitat, and the burnt habitat has been growing fiercely after recent rains.

Koalas from Raymond Island sadly don’t have enough food trees to sustain the current population on the island. Most cases that come to us from the island are due to malnutrition and dog attacks. Sadly a lot die from renal failure. But when we have a case come along that flourishes in care like Biscuit, it’s very exciting and rewarding to see them gain weight and becoming a healthy happy Koala.

Koalas undergo strict health checks throughout their care in the Shelter with blood tests, chlamydia screening and where they are treated with vitamin supplements as well as special Koala formula from Heallesville Sanctuary, milk supplements and leaf. All Koalas are microchipped for identification should they come into care in the future. We have a large storage of specially prepared leaf puree in our freezer for starvation cases and babies.

It takes a lot of work to rehabilitate a Koala and prepare them for release. Leaf has to be sourced and fed and we have to make sure they will adapt and be strong enough. Koalas that are rescued from Raymond Island do not return to the Island due to food shortage and over population. Koalas are all released on the mainland to give them the best chance of survival.

Here at our new location at Waterholes we can provide the best rehabilitation and release environment for the Koalas to live free and wild in a natural forest, free/safe from domestic dogs, cars and fencing. Most importantly, an abundance of food trees!

Over the next few days more Koalas will be moved into the new pre release pens. Our next post will be the Mums and bubs including some of our bushfire survivors.

Thank you again to all of the wonderful people, businesses and organisations that donate to us and help us pay for the ongoing daily needs of the Wildlife, for new infrastructure, medical supplies and new hospital cages. We have been so blessed to be able to purchase these things thanks to public donations. To Wildlife Victoria for providing some funding to help us feed the bushfire survivors, and to Wires for enabling us to help our foster carers with their needs and to pay for new concreting works yet to be completed.




Please enjoy this short video of beautiful baby Jellybean, a bushfire survivor from Gelantipy. Out exploring while his Mum Tippy looks on close by. I was cleaning cages when he decided to pay me a visit! These Koalas are going to be moved soon to our new pre rease enclosures. Weather has postponed my transition but once stable again, the Mums and bubs will be in the nursery enclosure getting ready for soft release here at Waterholes.

Watch baby Jellybean


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