Meet Little Alice

29 December 2015

Little Alice is an orphan pouch Joey who came into care with her Mum Michelle on the 14-10-2015 weighing 310 grams she is approx 5 months old.

Her Mum presented as very sick sitting on the ground not eating or passing scat very little urine and also had a nasty eye infection.

Mum was treated with fluid to start in hopes she was strong enough to recover and also eye antibiotics.

Due to her nursing her baby we decided to just monitor rather than start injectable antibiotics which could interfere with the babies gut flora as advised by the vets.

Mum deteriorated and on day 3 we weighed Little Alice and found she had lost 40 grams and was dehydrated. Now a tiny 270 grams.

We checked Mums milk supply and found the milk had stopped and she was passing blood.

We then sadly had no choice but to remove Little Alice from her Mum and feed her.

Mum took no interest in Little Alice and wasn’t distressed or worried when her baby was taken. We knew Mum was very ill as normally Mums will stop at nothing to get to their babies.

Little Alice was treated for dehydration and setup with her new Mum who is a teddy bear. She sleeps in a sheepskin pouch which sits in the front of her Teddy in a basket.

Little Alice was fed 4 hourly on a special milk formula called Biolac 150

Mum was then treated with strong course of antibiotics and made a remarkable recovery but was no longer able to care for her baby.

Sadly despite making a full recovery from infection we discovered that Mum had gone blind and on day 24 we had her put to sleep.

Little Alice continues to thrive and now is a big healthy 800 grams. She is eating leaf and loves to climb around but spends most of the time sleeping. She has now been moved to a gunyah (Eucalyptus tree branch mounted on a stand) with her teddy and pouch. She likes to climb around and explore her new home. Alice is now on 4 milk feeds per day

Alice will be formula fed until approx 13 months, but in care for around 18 months then she will be soft released.

Annual Mini-Fair Fundraiser – Saturday Jan 2nd

29 December 2015


Raymond Island Burns Update

1 May 2015

The Shelter has received a letter from

The Hon. Lisa Neville MP
Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water


The burn 2BBB0012 scheduled for late Autumn will not be ignited until results have been received from further consultation.


This is a great start for our Wildlife.

Thank you to the Minister immensely for consideration of such fragile critical habitat for our precious wildlife.

Annual Report 1st of March 2014 – 28th February 2015

1 May 2015

The Shelter has had another busy year attending wildlife casualties.

With a total of 101 cases for 2014-2015.

Koalas – 57
Birds  – 22
Kangaroos/Wallabies – 21
Echidnas – 1

See charts below for detailed information.

The Shelter operated by Susie & Stephen Pulis and Committee of Management wishes to extend a sincere thank you to the Residents, Tourists, Businesses, Organisations and General Public for their amazing support which goes to the care of our precious Wildlife.

Without donations we could not operate at this capacity as we are totally reliant on donated funds; we don’t receive any government funding.

Our Team consists of dedicated group of Volunteers, consisting of 6 registered Wildlife Carers and 16 people who work tirelessly to run the Shelter. The Shelter is busy all year round with care 24 hours 7 days a week. We also have residents who allow us to cut browse from their properties and people who help maintain the browse plots. A special thank you to these people.

The Shelter has also established a Facebook page and a website designed and maintained by local business Joocy operated by Sean Perkins and Craig Strike. This local business has very generously donated all of their work, time and advice to us.

The Shelter has had 3 successful fundraisers and conducted a major raffle which was drawn at Easter. Thank you to all the people who supported our fundraisers and our major Raffle by buying and selling raffle tickets.

A sincere thank you to our Raffle sponsors:

Bulls Cruisers, Dahlsens Mitre 10 and Gippsland Lakes Escapes for donating the prizes. We are very grateful.

Congratulations to our Winners:

1st Prize: April Burnett from Bairnsdale
2nd Prize: Marc Metcalfe from Churchill
3rd Prize: Jenny Lamb from Beaumaris

The raffle money raised, $7070, has been put into a building fund to go towards the building of a purpose built treatment facility to treat and house primarily Koalas.

A special thank you to our Vet, Main Street Veterinary Practice, the backbone of the Shelter. This dedicated hardworking team provide us with unconditional care 24 hours 7 days a week when needed.

Special mention to vets Jade Hammer, Grant Kuseff, Albert van Zyl and nurses Louise South and Karen Natrass for their amazing support.

The following statistics have been prepared and lodged with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning a requirement we must do every year in accordance with our Shelter license.

We are required to record all Wildlife whether found deceased or alive. We encourage all people to continue contacting us regardless of whether the animal is tagged or untagged deceased or alive.

Finally, thank you to all the people who ring us when our Wildlife is in need. Without the residents looking out for our precious wildlife there would be many suffering animals.

Raymond Island Koala & Wildlife Shelter looks forward to another year caring for our Wildlife.

Barry – A success story

20 April 2015

Meet Barry in care for 3 ½ months after he was attacked by a dog.

A local resident found Barry at the end of December 2014. Barry was high in a tree so we contacted our local tree climber to help rescue him. Barry put on a big fight and we were forced to abandon the rescue due to the stress on him. We watched his movements over the next day but he stayed high in the tree. Unfortunately at some point he moved and we lost sight of him for a few days until he was located again on the 4-1-15 by another resident sitting in her backyard.

Barry was finally rescued and treated with antibiotics for a month. The wound was completely maggot infested and was flushed and cleaned. The wound was then treated with Colloidal silver and silver cream with amazing results.

Barry lived inside until the wound had closed completely and hair had started to grow.He then was moved to the outdoor enclosure. He continued to gain weight and heal well and finally we were overjoyed to announce his release on the 22-3-2015.

Initially Barry wasn’t expected to live with tissue damage a major concern we were unsure whether the wound could ever successfully heal and grow fur again.

Barry left the shelter a healthy weight of 11.27kg; he put on nearly 2kg in care. Barry has been micro chipped and ear tagged for identification in the future.

Barry is an amazing success story.

Easter Fundraiser – The Results

20 April 2015

The Shelter wishes to say a Special Thank-you

To The Residents, Tourists, General Public, Businesses and Organisations that supported our Easter Fundraiser on April 5th, 2015.

An incredible result with $7070 raised from our Major Raffle over the past 3 months and $1900 raised from the sausage sizzle, tin rattle and day entertainment.

This could not have been achieved without the dedication and hard work of volunteers who work tirelessly to run the Shelter. An amazing group of people we thank immensely for their work.

Finally without the generosity of the following businesses & organisations the fundraiser would not have been possible

All money raised goes to the ongoing daily care of our sick, injured, orphaned & abandoned precious Wildlife and towards the building of a purpose built treatment facility, primarily for Koalas.


 Congratulations to Our Major Raffle Winners

1st Prize – April Burnett

From Bairnsdale

2nd Prize – Marc Metcalfe

From Churchill

3rd Prize – Jenny Lamb

From Beaumaris


A Sincere and Heartfelt Thank-you to our Sponsors

Major Raffle

1st prize – 3 day boating holiday value $2240

Bulls Cruisers

Thank you Peter Blainey


2nd Prize – Bosch professional precision Jigsaw value $399

Dahlsens Mitre 10

Thank you Adrian Chila & Brian Found.


3rd Prize – 2 nights accommodation Pt Hicks Lighthouse Bungalow value $240

Gippsland Lakes Escapes

Thank you Jenny & Brian Easton


Day Draw – $100 voucher

Boathouse Pizza Bar & Grill

Thank you Chris Bibby


Sausage Sizzle / Fun fair

Ride the Koalas

Joocy – Advertisement, Website, Facebook

Men Shed – Paynesville

Oz Carnies – Jumping castles/ Zorb balls

Pixie Palace – Face Painting

Waterview Bakery


United Fuel Paynesville

Proposed Burns 2BBB0012 & 2BBB0029

10 March 2015

To Be Burnt Between April – September 2015

Last pieces of Unique untouched Forest on Raymond Island

If you don’t wish for this to Happen please email your concerns to:

The Hon. Lisa Neville MP

Minister for Environment,Climate Change and Water

Inspector-General for Emergency Management, Department of Justice & Regulation

Brad Fisher District Manager – Tambo

Mick Beckers Fire Management Officer

William McCutcheon Chief Ranger East Gippsland

Jeremy Tscharke Ranger in Charge Bairnsdale

Deadline for submissions to the Inspector General are the 12-3-2015

Please consider the following points in your letter.

Points to note re burning and mechanical clearing
• Last untouched parcels of crown forest left on the Island. Home to hundreds of species.Unique no other area on the Island like it. Must be protected for now and the future.
• Many species of plants, huge diversity of species regenerating without fire eg. Banksia serrata. Acacia mearnsii
• No fire history recorded as quoted by Mick Beckers from DEWLP in 2 separate Letters. One states over 100 years the other states over 50 years.
• Fuel load classified as extreme by DEWLP no evidence has been supplied by the DEWLP. Walking through it is clearly evident that this is not the case. The ground is visible, damp with mosses heavily used animal tracks with low leaf litter naturally eaten and broken down.
• Mick Beckers quotes the area is loaded with head high bracken -UNTRUE
• No actual fire risk surveys undertaken
• No flora and fauna surveys undertaken
• No surveys on the effects before and after burns/ mechanical clearing on Flora and Fauna.
• No Aboriginal Archaeological surveys undertaken for the Traditional Land Owners The Gunai Kurnai People.
• Total disregard for the evc listed forest
• CFA have confirmed that Raymond Island has never had a recorded wildfire only deliberately lit fires.
• Previous parcels burnt and mechanically cleared are now bracke wastelands with only Banksia and bracken fern remaining. Total loss of diversity, loss of life, total loss of food and shelter for the Wildlife.
• Total loss of many species of plantlife and micro habitat. Will take at least 50-100 years to return to its former natural forest.
• Raymond Island becoming parcels of bracken fern.
• Koalas to be caught, removed from burn site then returned to sight at the end of the day exposing them to a high risk of sustaining burns.

Outcomes we require:

Pause and review of all burning and mechanical Vegetation clearing.

• Independent review on Raymond Island as a separate identity. Noting Unique flora and fauna habitat
• Raymond Island not to be categorized based on a general modelling of other forested areas of Victoria.
• Flora and fauna surveys scientifically completed.
• Surveys completed on the effects of previously burnt/ mechanically cleared sites
• Actual Fire risk versus perceived risk surveys scientifically completed
• Fuel Load surveys scientifically completed.
• Aboriginal Archaeological surveys completed.
• Environmental protection overlays adhered to and all fire protection plans implemented in the future to accommodate the Flora and fauna without disregard.
• Habitat protected for Raymond Islands unique species.

Annual Report 1st January 2013- 28th February 2014

25 January 2015

January 2013 –  March 2014

The Shelter officially opened in January 2013.

The year was huge with many challenging cases and at times many tears shed. The total number of cases for the year was 76.  See graph below for summaries.

52 Koalas, 6 kangaroos, 5 Wallabies, 1 Echidna, 11 birds, 1 Possum

Highlights were the successful releases and hand raising of 3 young orphan babies.

The Shelter operated by Susie & Stephen Pulis wishes to thank the hard work and dedication of fellow Wildlife carers Rosie Nuttall, Shelley Robinson, Mary Dharmarajah, Barbie Richardson & Nancy McMurray.

We also wish to thank the Committee and volunteers who worked tirelessly on building works, fundraisers/donation tins, browse plot maintenance, advertisement and hours spent at meetings.

Thank-you to East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Group Inc. for endless support & donations.

A special Mention to Marie –Louise & Charlie for sponsoring myself as a Wildlife Carer.

Thank-you to Les Bradd, for his hard work in maintaining our browse plots and for helping us feed hungry koalas with browse sourced from his property.

Thank-you to Coralie & Peter Foxton, Liz & Jude Gunn, Pam & Ron Basket, Amanda & Julie-Anne for allowing us to cut browse on their properties.

We also wish to extend our sincere thank you to the Residents, Tourists & the General Public for helping us care for the Wildlife. Without your calls and generous donations there would be many suffering animals. We are extremely grateful for the support. We rely totally on donated funds and are a non profit voluntary run organisation.

Finally a special Thank-you to The Main Street Veterinary Practice and special mention to

Jade Hammer, Grant Kuseff, Albert van Zyl & former vet Jason Wong. These hard working, dedicated people make themselves available to us at all times, day and night, to help us treat the sick and injured Wildlife.

Raymond Island Koala & Wildlife Shelter looks forward to another year caring for our Wildlife.

The attached Statistics has been prepared by RIK&WS and official data lodged with DEPI.

We are required to record all animals whether they are found alive or deceased. We encourage the residents to continue contacting us even if the animal is deceased, tagged or untagged we need to record all for accurate numbers.

Little Nell turns 2!

24 January 2015

Little Nell came into our care in August 2013 after she fell from the tree she was in with her Mum. Sadly her Mum took no interest in rescuing her tiny baby and after several unsuccessful hours of us trying to reunite them, we took Nell into care. Nell was a tiny little thing who could fit in the palm of your hand, weighing only 700 grams thus giving her the name ‘Little Nell’.

We started her on 5 bottles a day of special formula milk as well as Eucalyptus leaves. As she grew her bottles were reduced, eventually being weaned off milk at around 14 months.

She was a very energetic baby who loved to run around, playing chasey with her toys, hide and seek with us and swinging like a monkey between branches and on the furniture!!! She was a lot of fun and a delight to raise.

As Nell grew she was moved to the outside nursery trees during the day but still coming inside at night. Eventually she spent her first night out enjoying the great outdoors. Our resident male Frank, liked to give her a hard time, so we would put her in the outside pen at nights just to keep her safe. Nell was fully independent at 18 months and free to go from tree to tree.

Nell established her territory here at the Shelter and over at the neighbouring properties and still remains in the same territory today. She is now 6kg, still petite but just beautiful. We are very proud of our Little Nell.

Nell celebrated her 2nd Birthday on the 18th of January 2015.

If you would like to help us care for orphaned joeys like Nell, please click on our link and donate.  Every dollar donated goes directly to the Shelter and helps us care for sick, injured, orphaned and abandoned Koalas on Raymond Island.


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