Annual Report 1st March 2016- 28th February 2017

13 April 2017

The Shelter has had another busy year attending wildlife casualties.

With a Total of 103 cases for 2016-2017

Koalas -51,   Birds-15, Kangaroos/Wallabies-32, Snakes-2, Sugar Glider-1,

Grey Headed Flying Fox-2 and 9 animals currently in care.

See charts below for information.

The Shelter operated by Susie & Stephen Pulis and Committee of Management wishes to extend a sincere thank you to the Residents, Tourists, Businesses, Organisations and General Public for their amazing support which goes to the care of our precious Wildlife.

Without donations we could not operate at this capacity.

We are totally reliant on donated funds; we don’t receive any government funding, purely voluntary.

The Shelter is busy all year round with care provided 24 hours 7 days a week

At present we have 9 animals in care, 4 Kangaroos, 4 Koalas and 1 Swamp Wallaby.

Babies keep us busy with feeding regime every 5 hours for the young ones and the older ones range from 3 , 2 and 1 feeds per day.

Please visit our facebook page and website to keep up to date with shelter info and regular photos and videos of the animals in care designed by local business Sean Perkins who donated all his work to us.

The Shelter has had 4 successful fundraisers

Christmas sausage sizzle

Easter Tin Rattle

May Trivia Night

Woolworths Wishing Well

All money raised has gone towards the daily running of the shelter such as veterinary accounts, medical supplies, special milk formula, cleaning supplies and rescue and transport costs.

A special thank you to our Vet, Main Street Veterinary Practice, the backbone of the Shelter. This dedicated hardworking team provide us with unconditional care 24 hours 7 days a week when needed.

Special mention to vets Jade Hammer, Grant Kuseff, Albert van Zyl and nurses Louise South and Karen Natrass and all the wonderful team for their amazing support.

We would also like to thank former Committee Members from 2015-16

Shelley Robinson, Graham & Paula Holmes, Cath Winzer, Carole Jones, Jan Franz and Mary Dharmarajah. This amazing group worked very hard raising money for the Shelter, cutting koala browse and helping out wherever they could.

With special mention to former Secretary Shelley Robinson, a sincere Thank you for all the hard work she did personally to help the Wildlife.

Other people and Organisations we would like to thank are local Islander Pauline who hand makes Koala crafts for us to sell .Dahlsens Bairnsdale our ongoing major sponsor who now have supplied the materials for us to build our new Joey facility, currently in progress.

Ritchies Super Iga and Foodworks Paynesville for their ongoing donations to run our sausage sizzles. Paynesville Uniting Church friendship Shed who keep us stocked with linen, blankets,towels etc. Mens Shed Paynesville, Lions Club Paynesville for their ongoing support and to all the wonderful people who donate to us, every cent counts thankyou.

The following statistics have been prepared and lodged with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning a requirement we must do every year in accordance with our Shelter license.

We are required to record all Wildlife whether found deceased or alive.

We encourage all people to continue contacting us regardless of whether the animal is tagged or untagged deceased or alive.

Finally, thank you to all the people who ring us when our Wildlife is in need.

Without the residents looking out for our precious wildlife there would be many suffering animals.

Raymond Island Koala & Wildlife Shelter looks forward to another year caring for our Wildlife.


Easter Mini Fair Fundraiser Saturday April 15th

4 April 2017

easter flyer 2017

Our Easter Fundraiser is to raise money for the ongoing running of the Shelter.

We provide a much needed service for Australia’s iconic Wildlife which involves the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick ,injured and orphaned Wildlife.

We specialise mainly in Koalas and Eastern Grey Kangaroos and need your help .

We are purely voluntary run relying  on donations from the General Public, Tourists, Businesses and Organisations to operate.

Daily costs include medical supplies, veterinary expenses ,special milk formula, hard feeds, rescue /transport ,cleaning washing supplies.

Please come along, fun for the kids, enjoy a great day out on the Island while supporting our local Koalas and All Wildlife.

Ride the Koalas ,one of our major sponsors  will have the hire bikes available , a lot of fun for families to explore the island on and spot the Koalas.

There will be a Sausage Sizzle, Novelty Food ,Drinks and  Mr Whippy ice-creams available.

Carnival atmosphere to enjoy operated by K&M Party Mayhem  with  face painting, novelty balloons, jumping castle, laughing clowns . Devonshire teas held by our local garden club. Book stall, trash and treasure. Sharon, a local photographer will be selling photos, postcards and more. Essential Oils with Carly  will be selling natural bath and body products.

Look forward to seeing you there!!

Annual Report January 1st 2013- February 28th 2014

9 January 2017

January 2013 –  March 2014

The Shelter officially opened in January 2013.

The year was huge with many challenging cases and at times many tears shed. The total number of cases for the year was 76.  See graph below for summaries.

52 Koalas, 6 kangaroos, 5 Wallabies, 1 Echidna, 11 birds, 1 Possum

Highlights were the successful releases and hand raising of 3 young orphan babies.

The Shelter operated by Susie & Stephen Pulis wishes to thank the hard work and dedication of fellow Wildlife carers Rosie Nuttall, Shelley Robinson, Mary Dharmarajah, Barbie Richardson & Nancy McMurray.

We also wish to thank the Committee and volunteers who worked tirelessly on building works, fundraisers/donation tins, browse plot maintenance, advertisement and hours spent at meetings.

Thank-you to East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Group Inc. for endless support & donations.

A special Mention to Marie –Louise & Charlie for sponsoring myself as a Wildlife Carer.

Thank-you to Les Bradd, for his hard work in maintaining our browse plots and for helping us feed hungry koalas with browse sourced from his property.

Thank-you to Coralie & Peter Foxton, Liz & Jude Gunn, Pam & Ron Basket, Amanda & Julie-Anne for allowing us to cut browse on their properties.

We also wish to extend our sincere thank you to the Residents, Tourists & the General Public for helping us care for the Wildlife. Without your calls and generous donations there would be many suffering animals. We are extremely grateful for the support. We rely totally on donated funds and are a non profit voluntary run organisation.

Finally a special Thank-you to The Main Street Veterinary Practice and special mention to

Jade Hammer, Grant Kuseff, Albert van Zyl & former vet Jason Wong. These hard working, dedicated people make themselves available to us at all times, day and night, to help us treat the sick and injured Wildlife.

Raymond Island Koala & Wildlife Shelter looks forward to another year caring for our Wildlife.

The attached Statistics has been prepared by RIK&WS and official data lodged with DEPI.

We are required to record all animals whether they are found alive or deceased. We encourage the residents to continue contacting us even if the animal is deceased, tagged or untagged we need to record all for accurate numbers.


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