Contact Us

If you find a sick or injured animal, orphaned or abandoned young.

For urgent inquiries, please call Susie Pulis on 03 5157 9330.

For all non urgent inquiries, please email (or use the form on this page):

Please note we have moved and are no longer on the island itself, our address is now:

Waterholes Guest House,
540 Archies Track, Waterholes, VIC 3875

You can help with shock by keeping the animal warm and quiet by placing a blanket or towel around them until help arrives.

Please do not give water to a trauma victim in shock .

Approach an injured animal with caution.

Please try and stay with the animal until help arrives.

Do not attempt to pick up a Koala or a Kangaroo as they can be very unpredictable when injured and the fight or flight response may cause injury to a well-meaning person.

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