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Dec 10th 2014 – Jan 10th 2015

15 January 2015

The Christmas-New Year period has kept the shelter very busy with many calls to injured and sick animals.

We have currently 5 Koalas in care, 1 kangaroo and 5 birds. Care is intensive with wounds resulting from tree falls & dog attack requiring flushing, dressing and bandage changes as well as antibiotics and pain relief administered. Supplement milk feeding is up to 4 times per day.

We have in care:

“Theresa” young female Koala with hand/finger injury

“Barry” young male Koala with large wound to his left leg

“Lilly” older female Koala with large wound to her hand

“Matilda” young female Koala in care due to starvation

“Rocky” young male Koala in care due to starvation

“Indi” baby Noisy Miner

“Nigel” injured cockatoo

“Squawker” baby Rainbow Lorikeet

 “Stephen” baby Rainbow Lorikeet

“Rainbow Dash” injured Eastern Rosella

Statistics as follows:

Koalas Total 15

Fell from fallen trees– 2m/ 1f deceased & 1f in care

Dog attack– 1m in care

Starvation – 1m/5f deceased including a 5 month old joey,

1m/1f in care

Injury- 1m successfully released /1f in care

Eye Infection- 1m successfully released

Kangaroos Total 3

Hit by car1m deceased

Caught in fence– 1m deceased

Dehydration– “Tyson” 10 month old Joey died in care . He was an orphan after his mum passed away on the 40 degree day. We were unable to catch him for 24 hours .He suffered extensively as a result and died from complications of dehydration. The Shelter was very saddened by his loss as we tried hard to rescue him and try and save his tiny life.

He was in care for 3 days. Thank you to residents Barry and Myrna for their help and care for this little fellow.

Birds Total 6

1 baby Magpie Lark fell from nest in storm died in care

1 baby Noisy Miner in care

2baby Rainbow Lorikeets in care

1 Cockatoo injured in care

1 Eastern Rosella injured in care


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