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How You Can Help

You can help by donating to us through direct bank deposit or via Paypal.

Please go to our Donation Page.

You can help by donating blankets, towels, bleach, washing powder, just to name a few items that we consume heavily.

Tradesman-you can help by offering your services. We will be in need of builders, electricians, plumbers, etc to build facilities we need.

Companies can help by donating building materials or by sponsoring us.

You can help by planting Eucalyptus trees on your property. And if you have spare land, why not put in a browse plantation.

Eucalyptus Pryoriana, Eucalyptus Territicornis SSP Mediana, Eucalyptus Camaldulensis are the preferred food for Raymond Island Koalas.

For Islanders you can help by looking after your mature trees. Consider light pruning rather than total removal. This is a much better option for our koalas.

You can help by writing letters to the government to pursue a Protection Act for koalas and their habitat.

You can help by just being a voice for Raymond Island’s Koalas and advocating for their protection.


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