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Annual Report 1st January 2013- 28th February 2014

25 January 2015

January 2013 –  March 2014

The Shelter officially opened in January 2013.

The year was huge with many challenging cases and at times many tears shed. The total number of cases for the year was 76.  See graph below for summaries.

52 Koalas, 6 kangaroos, 5 Wallabies, 1 Echidna, 11 birds, 1 Possum

Highlights were the successful releases and hand raising of 3 young orphan babies.

The Shelter operated by Susie & Stephen Pulis wishes to thank the hard work and dedication of fellow Wildlife carers Rosie Nuttall, Shelley Robinson, Mary Dharmarajah, Barbie Richardson & Nancy McMurray.

We also wish to thank the Committee and volunteers who worked tirelessly on building works, fundraisers/donation tins, browse plot maintenance, advertisement and hours spent at meetings.

Thank-you to East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Group Inc. for endless support & donations.

A special Mention to Marie –Louise & Charlie for sponsoring myself as a Wildlife Carer.

Thank-you to Les Bradd, for his hard work in maintaining our browse plots and for helping us feed hungry koalas with browse sourced from his property.

Thank-you to Coralie & Peter Foxton, Liz & Jude Gunn, Pam & Ron Basket, Amanda & Julie-Anne for allowing us to cut browse on their properties.

We also wish to extend our sincere thank you to the Residents, Tourists & the General Public for helping us care for the Wildlife. Without your calls and generous donations there would be many suffering animals. We are extremely grateful for the support. We rely totally on donated funds and are a non profit voluntary run organisation.

Finally a special Thank-you to The Main Street Veterinary Practice and special mention to

Jade Hammer, Grant Kuseff, Albert van Zyl & former vet Jason Wong. These hard working, dedicated people make themselves available to us at all times, day and night, to help us treat the sick and injured Wildlife.

Raymond Island Koala & Wildlife Shelter looks forward to another year caring for our Wildlife.

The attached Statistics has been prepared by RIK&WS and official data lodged with DEPI.

We are required to record all animals whether they are found alive or deceased. We encourage the residents to continue contacting us even if the animal is deceased, tagged or untagged we need to record all for accurate numbers.


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