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Waterholes Wildlife Sanctuary has a short and long term vision planned to ensure that Koalas are protected, cared for and given the respect they deserve, by pursuing the Koala Protection Act and having them listed under the EPBC Act.

This also includes ensuring the habitat is protected.

At present the Koala habitat which includes Coastal Manna, Gippsland Red Gum, Forest Red Gum, River Red Gum, Coastal Grey Box and Southern Mahogany is not protected adequately due to bushfire legislation. Trees are being cut down daily.

We are seeking an amendment to this legislation to conserve these trees  which forms the natural beauty of Raymond Island and ensure it remains the “Sanctuary” it is for Koalas and all Wildlife and for future generations to enjoy. This is a major priority to ensure the future viability of Raymond Island Koalas.
With habitat diminishing 7 daily, it is critical we protect whats left .

Due to loss of habitat on Raymond Island ,to ensure our critical work continues, we recently relocated our Shelter to a much larger property located at Waterholes on the Nicholson River. Here we have an abundance of native habitat for our Koalas and Kangaroos to be raised rehabilitated and released.

We have built new facilities for the Wildlife in care which consists of treatment /examination rooms, supplies and food storage rooms, Kangaroo joey rooms, Koala enclosures, nursery for very young babies. We still have more work to do with Koala pre release pens and outdoor baby Koala nursery still to be built.Plumbing and electrical work also still to be completed.

Our new property will also have an educational facility in the future for school groups visitor’s and tourists to come and visit and learn about the preservation of Australia’s iconic Koalas and Kangaroos.

Please help us by donating to help fund the critical work we are doing. Help us to ensure the future survival of Australia’s iconic tourist attraction Koalas & Kangaroos.


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