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What you can do to help. Look after mature Eucalyptus trees critical for the future survival of the koala population on Raymond Island. Without mature trees, koalas can’t survive on Raymond Island and will be extinct in the future if we don’t act now. Plant food trees:
  • Eucalyptus Pryoriana (Coastal Manna Gum)
  • Eucalyptus Tereticornis SSP Mediana (Gippsland Red Gum)
  • Eucalyptus Tereticornis (Forest Red Gum)
Protect existing food trees that are heavily browsed by banding them with tin. Second hand roofing iron is perfect. Minimum height needs to be 1.3 metres. Koalas can jump from a sitting position over the guard if it is too small. Tin can also be wrapped around lower limbs to prevent koalas jumping up and grabbing low branches. Trees generally respond well if rested from constant browsing, the tin can be removed once the tree has recovered again. Bands can be then taken off and put back on again as needed. The shelter can help organise this if you need help. Koalas tend to browse the tops of the trees first. It is the same as constant pruning. If a tree has a lot of leaf on its lower limbs, please limit pruning as this leaf is keeping the tree alive while the top is eaten out. Think of a koala as a tree pruner constantly trimming the trees every single day. Remember if a tree is pruned too heavily it will die. Please support the work of the wildlife shelter. We not only look after the wildlife, we grow trees. All of our plants are propagated from seed collected from Island trees to ensure they have the best chance of survival in our soils and conditions. We can supply trees to you for a small donation.


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