The Shelter

Waterholes Wildlife Sanctuary was established in January 2013 by Susan Pulis with the vision to build a purpose built Koala facility to specialise in the care and rehabilitation of sick and injured koalas and to raise orphaned and abandoned joeys.

The Wildlife Shelter also cares for all the precious wildlife on the Island and surrounding areas.

We are available 24 hours 7 days a week for any animal in need.

We are a not for profit voluntary run organisation funded by donations.

We currently have 4 purpose built koala enclosures set up to house koalas requiring daily care. We also have 1 outdoor pen which was built to house koalas pre release to help build up their strength and regain muscle tone.

In the future we plan to build additional enclosures and a treatment facility for examination and to accommodate intensive care patients.

We also plan to extend the Shelter and offer educational tours in the future.

Our Vision statement is:

To provide best practice medical care in an ethical and compassionate manner for the rehabilitation of injured, sick, abandoned and orphaned koalas and other wildlife within the context of an informed and supportive community.

We have a committee of management and a dedicated team of volunteers who help with different aspects of running the Shelter. We have 6 registered Wildlife Carers.

Caring for the animals, rescues, washing, cleaning facilities, organising fundraisers, browse collecting, browse plantation maintenance are just some of the things we do on a daily basis.

We are proud to have the support of Main Street Veterinary Clinic Bairnsdale who provide us with unconditional care to help us treat injured/sick animals when needed.

With the Island’s population of koalas at approx 300, the shelter is kept very busy.

Koalas come into care here mainly due to disease from starvation and second to this are dog attacks.

The Island’s current population capacity is 50 koalas hence why the Shelter remains busy all year round attending to starving Koalas.

The Shelter’s admissions for the first 12 months were 76 animals in total. 52 were Koalas. You can find the Annual reports under Reports section on our News Page.

Financial Information

The Shelters accounts are managed by Riviera Accounting in Paynesville. We are proud to have this local family business look after us. We are purely voluntary operated we don’t get paid . All money raised pays for the daily costs of running the Shelter. Without the generosity of the Residents, General Public, Tourists, Businesses and Organisations we could not operate at the capacity we do. We welcome donations of any size, please visit our home page and click the donate button . We also welcome donations of goods, you can find a list of items we use on our Help page or please phone us.