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July 19th – December 9th 2014

14 December 2014

Well the year is nearly over, Christmas is upon us and for the Shelter it has been another huge year looking after Raymond Islands Wildlife. In addition to attending to our Wildlife we had the DEPI Koala Management Program to attend. We held a very successful Fundraiser in October and we have another big fundraising event planned for December 28th.

We have launched our new website koalashelter.org that has been designed and maintained by local business “JOOCY” www.joocy.com.au, Sean Perkins & Craig Strike. They have been very generous to donate all their work to us and have done an amazing job. A special thank-you to them.

The website will be updated regularly so check in often to see the latest info and additional pages that will be added over time. It’s a work in progress which will eventually include a field guide designed for tourists to access when visiting our Island.

We are also pleased to have Vicki & Victor Trofimov support us with a generous donation from their new business  “Ride the Koalas”.  www.ridethekoalas.com.au  Look out for these amazing bikes around the Island showing tourists our precious koalas.



We are pleased to welcome new committee members, Shelley Robinson, Paula & Graham Holmes, Cath & Lionel Winzer, Jan Franz, Carol Jones & Mary Dharmarajah.  With existing members Rosie Nuttall, Susan Crosby, Darren Greenaway, myself and Steve we now have a great Committee of Management as well as a dedicated Fundraising team. We are also pleased to have Stephen Manning join us and he is now an official wildlife Carer. Stephen currently has 2 birds in care and is doing a wonderful job. Stephen volunteers at DEPI once a week and also assists us with the Koala management program, cutting browse, monitoring and assisting with the koala joeys.

Our fundraising committee has been working tirelessly in recent months raising funds for the Shelter. Without these generous hardworking people we could not operate. The cost is continually increasing with the workload so high.  The Main Street vet has been enormous support for us with very generous discounts on all treatment. In saying this though, our expenses are still high due to the large number of animals we treat.

With the Shelter so busy we have plans to expand our facilities in the future to enable us to treat & house intensive care patients.  Currently we transport to the vet to treat and at times Koalas need to remain there in care, these costs are expensive.  Our bathroom/Family Room is often transformed into Koala intensive care, this isn’t ideal for the Koalas. (or the family)  Our new treatment facility is urgently needed as well as additional enclosures and rehabilitation pens. This can only happen when we raise enough money to do so.

The statistics are high with 84 koalas coming through the Shelter in 22 months. Of those, 62 are deceased, 20 were released successfully and 2 remain in care.


Wildlife statistics July 19th – December 9th 2014.


Total 24 (9 females and 15 males) 8 euthanaised, 5 found dead, 5 released, 4 died in care, 2 currently in care

Information on the above numbers


1 hit by a car

1 had a fall from tree

7 malnourished

4 Unknown

4 dog attacks

Female dog attack victim, leg badly torn apart, sadly euthanised

Female dog attack victim, leg badly torn apart, sadly euthanised


1 with arm injury and infection – successfully rehabilitated

1 Rescue from power pole

3 malnourished successfully gained enough condition to release

"Thomas" released after spending time in care for malnourishment

“Thomas” released after spending time in care for malnourishment

"George" released after shoulder injury and infection

“George” released after shoulder injury and infection

Currently in care

Kangaroos: Total 4

Female carrying baby caught in fence was euthanised after unsuccessful rehabilitation and sadly her baby died in care.

Male found dead on beach unknown cause of death

Male joey approx 12 months old hit by car died in care suffered major mouth trauma. 

Wallabies: Total 2

Young female approx 18 months hit by car deceased.

Nursing Mum hit by car, deceased, no sign of the baby.

"Charli" sadly euthanised after unsuccessful rehabilitation.

“Charli” sadly euthanised after unsuccessful rehabilitation.

Birds: Total 9

3 Baby Swallows

3 Baby Noisy Miners

I Baby Magpie

1 Baby Lorikeet

2 Eastern Rosellas

1 Eastern Yellow Robin

7 Deceased / 3 still in care

"Indi" Currently in care - Baby noisy miner loves cuddles & kisses

“Indi” Currently in care – Baby noisy miner loves cuddles & kisses


Male hit by car, successfully released

Ali our 21 month old Eastern Grey kangaroo

Ali is now fully weaned off milk but still offered supplement of oats, sweet potato and pellets

He is free to come and go as he pleases and spends the evenings /nights grazing with the local mob that live here.

He has fitted in well and been accepted by the mob.During the day Ali likes to sleep at a lot, laze around outside or on his bed inside.

Ali at 4 months

Ali at 4 months

Ali now 21 months

Ali now 21 months



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