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Little Nell turns 2!

24 January 2015

Little Nell came into our care in August 2013 after she fell from the tree she was in with her Mum. Sadly her Mum took no interest in rescuing her tiny baby and after several unsuccessful hours of us trying to reunite them, we took Nell into care. Nell was a tiny little thing who could fit in the palm of your hand, weighing only 700 grams thus giving her the name ‘Little Nell’.

We started her on 5 bottles a day of special formula milk as well as Eucalyptus leaves. As she grew her bottles were reduced, eventually being weaned off milk at around 14 months.

She was a very energetic baby who loved to run around, playing chasey with her toys, hide and seek with us and swinging like a monkey between branches and on the furniture!!! She was a lot of fun and a delight to raise.

As Nell grew she was moved to the outside nursery trees during the day but still coming inside at night. Eventually she spent her first night out enjoying the great outdoors. Our resident male Frank, liked to give her a hard time, so we would put her in the outside pen at nights just to keep her safe. Nell was fully independent at 18 months and free to go from tree to tree.

Nell established her territory here at the Shelter and over at the neighbouring properties and still remains in the same territory today. She is now 6kg, still petite but just beautiful. We are very proud of our Little Nell.

Nell celebrated her 2nd Birthday on the 18th of January 2015.

If you would like to help us care for orphaned joeys like Nell, please click on our link and donate.  Every dollar donated goes directly to the Shelter and helps us care for sick, injured, orphaned and abandoned Koalas on Raymond Island.


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