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Meet Little Alice

29 December 2015

Little Alice is an orphan pouch Joey who came into care with her Mum Michelle on the 14-10-2015 weighing 310 grams she is approx 5 months old.

Her Mum presented as very sick sitting on the ground not eating or passing scat very little urine and also had a nasty eye infection.

Mum was treated with fluid to start in hopes she was strong enough to recover and also eye antibiotics.

Due to her nursing her baby we decided to just monitor rather than start injectable antibiotics which could interfere with the babies gut flora as advised by the vets.

Mum deteriorated and on day 3 we weighed Little Alice and found she had lost 40 grams and was dehydrated. Now a tiny 270 grams.

We checked Mums milk supply and found the milk had stopped and she was passing blood.

We then sadly had no choice but to remove Little Alice from her Mum and feed her.

Mum took no interest in Little Alice and wasn’t distressed or worried when her baby was taken. We knew Mum was very ill as normally Mums will stop at nothing to get to their babies.

Little Alice was treated for dehydration and setup with her new Mum who is a teddy bear. She sleeps in a sheepskin pouch which sits in the front of her Teddy in a basket.

Little Alice was fed 4 hourly on a special milk formula called Biolac 150

Mum was then treated with strong course of antibiotics and made a remarkable recovery but was no longer able to care for her baby.

Sadly despite making a full recovery from infection we discovered that Mum had gone blind and on day 24 we had her put to sleep.

Little Alice continues to thrive and now is a big healthy 800 grams. She is eating leaf and loves to climb around but spends most of the time sleeping. She has now been moved to a gunyah (Eucalyptus tree branch mounted on a stand) with her teddy and pouch. She likes to climb around and explore her new home. Alice is now on 4 milk feeds per day

Alice will be formula fed until approx 13 months, but in care for around 18 months then she will be soft released.


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