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Proposed Burns 2BBB0012 & 2BBB0029

10 March 2015

To Be Burnt Between April – September 2015

Last pieces of Unique untouched Forest on Raymond Island

If you don’t wish for this to Happen please email your concerns to:

The Hon. Lisa Neville MP

Minister for Environment,Climate Change and Water


Inspector-General for Emergency Management, Department of Justice & Regulation


Brad Fisher District Manager – Tambo


Mick Beckers Fire Management Officer


William McCutcheon Chief Ranger East Gippsland


Jeremy Tscharke Ranger in Charge Bairnsdale


Deadline for submissions to the Inspector General are the 12-3-2015

Please consider the following points in your letter.

Points to note re burning and mechanical clearing
• Last untouched parcels of crown forest left on the Island. Home to hundreds of species.Unique no other area on the Island like it. Must be protected for now and the future.
• Many species of plants, huge diversity of species regenerating without fire eg. Banksia serrata. Acacia mearnsii
• No fire history recorded as quoted by Mick Beckers from DEWLP in 2 separate Letters. One states over 100 years the other states over 50 years.
• Fuel load classified as extreme by DEWLP no evidence has been supplied by the DEWLP. Walking through it is clearly evident that this is not the case. The ground is visible, damp with mosses heavily used animal tracks with low leaf litter naturally eaten and broken down.
• Mick Beckers quotes the area is loaded with head high bracken -UNTRUE
• No actual fire risk surveys undertaken
• No flora and fauna surveys undertaken
• No surveys on the effects before and after burns/ mechanical clearing on Flora and Fauna.
• No Aboriginal Archaeological surveys undertaken for the Traditional Land Owners The Gunai Kurnai People.
• Total disregard for the evc listed forest
• CFA have confirmed that Raymond Island has never had a recorded wildfire only deliberately lit fires.
• Previous parcels burnt and mechanically cleared are now bracke wastelands with only Banksia and bracken fern remaining. Total loss of diversity, loss of life, total loss of food and shelter for the Wildlife.
• Total loss of many species of plantlife and micro habitat. Will take at least 50-100 years to return to its former natural forest.
• Raymond Island becoming parcels of bracken fern.
• Koalas to be caught, removed from burn site then returned to sight at the end of the day exposing them to a high risk of sustaining burns.

Outcomes we require:

Pause and review of all burning and mechanical Vegetation clearing.

• Independent review on Raymond Island as a separate identity. Noting Unique flora and fauna habitat
• Raymond Island not to be categorized based on a general modelling of other forested areas of Victoria.
• Flora and fauna surveys scientifically completed.
• Surveys completed on the effects of previously burnt/ mechanically cleared sites
• Actual Fire risk versus perceived risk surveys scientifically completed
• Fuel Load surveys scientifically completed.
• Aboriginal Archaeological surveys completed.
• Environmental protection overlays adhered to and all fire protection plans implemented in the future to accommodate the Flora and fauna without disregard.
• Habitat protected for Raymond Islands unique species.


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